Wall Street Gifts - Wall Street is soo dirty!

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i work out on wall street location and the bathroom and work out area is so dirty why do they have carpeting in the studio?It is so dirty and stinky they need to rip it up and put down some wood floors like the one in Harlem location, and they need to get a bathroom attendent to clean the bathroom.Hey this is wall street were talking about here!! so in opinion it should be top notched instead it's dirty and smells because the carpet is not cleaned and shampooed so it is disgusting and gross and ugh!

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Wall Street Gifts - Lies About Piggy Banks

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This company seems like a very novelty site with great different style piggy banks. I was excited because no where else do they have different colored classic piggy banks.

I ordered them in neat different colors such as hot pink. I wondered why no other online retailer had these colors. Although a little expensive, I ordered them anyway.

When they came they had a horrible stench of paint! Come to find out that these colors are exclusive because this company is the only company that would actually want to spray paint a color on a piggy bank! How ridiculous!

I thought that maybe they disclosed this information on their website but instead they find a sneaky way to word it by calling it special customized colors.

This company probably doesn't even know about the lead content that their spray paint might have and cause kids, who will usually be getting these piggy banks, to get very sick!

Shame on you! Why you would lie to a customer and call it customized color rather than what it really is something else. Stay away from Banks Banks Banks, Wall Street Gifts, Cows Cows Cows if you know what is best for you!!!

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I agree.I purchased an item and never received any information regarding the order or shipping.

Once I contacted them, I was informed my item shipped. However, the tracking number showed that the company rescinded the shipping during the delivery process. So, I still never received my item. The blamed it on "forgetting to personalize" my product.

I think it was a ploy to keep me from refuting the charges on my credit card. I've cancelled my order.

Let's see if I actually get my money back.Somehow, I doubt it.


Yes this is all true!Do not buy these piggy banks!!

They are just spray painted so who knows what harmful chemicals and lead you are exposing these kids to!

This has to be illegal!

I was completely shocked & tossed out the pigs.So crazy.

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